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Capt Booty and Capt Plum rehearse

The Brethren of The Tide
Traveling Acting Troupe

The Brethren of The Tide is a group of land-locked Theatrical Pirates that perform a comedy murder mystery dinner theater, as well as a comedy Tavern show.

The Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Caribbean Clues, takes place in 1719 during the 'Golden Age of Pirates.' The scene is set in Captain Booty's Tavern, The Black Swan. Vice-Admiral of the Black, Captain Booty, has called for a meeting with the Captains of the Brethren of The Tide.

Those Captains being: Capt. Green, Capt. Scarlett, Capt. Mustard, Capt. Peacock, Capt. Plum, and, of course, Mr. White who is Captain Booty's First Mate.

Things go awry and tempers flare when it is discovered that the Brethren's treasure is missing, and one of the Captains is murdered. The audience becomes involved in determining: who stole the treasure, who murdered one of the Captains, with what weapon, and in what part of the Tavern.

The Pirate Tavern Show also takes place in The Black Swan Tavern. There, The Brethren of The Tide will entertain you with tales of the sea, nonsensical toasts, and seafaring shanties.

The Brethren of The Tide also performs when called upon to attend events.

If you would like to have The Brethren attend or invade your next gathering, send us an email. A letter in a bottle is far too slow, and chance may cast it ashore in England. This would be unfortunate as we are wanted renegades there.

Until then, may the wind always be at your back.

"Now and then we had a hope
that if we lived and were good,
God would permit us to be Pirates."
Mark Twain (Life on The Mississippi)

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